Baby Halloween Costumes – Fun Foods

Your baby’s first Halloween costume isn’t for the child at all – it’s for Mom and Dad. You’re excited and you want your son or daughter to look precious all dressed up. There are some really cute newborn baby Halloween costumes, but even more choices if your child is 6 months or older.

Many of the first costumes for babies will be in the form of bunting or “snuggle sacks” as some people call them. A classic one you can find is a pea pod costume. It’s your baby, snuggled up inside the pod, with three little peas on his or her tummy and a little baby hat that looks like the pea stem.

There are so many cozy cuddly costumes for your young one. Why not picture them rolled up as a Tootsie Roll, a Hot Pepper, a yummy Hershey Kiss, or an adorable little Lobster.

Presenting the Fun Food Baby Costumes

Deluxe Baby Bunting, Pea in the Pod Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsClick to Make It YoursBanana Bunting Child Costume Size 0-6 InfantClick to Make It YoursDress Up America Baby Apple, Red, 0-6 MonthsClick to Make It YoursPrincess Paradise Suzie Strawberry-6-12 MonthsClick to Make It YoursInCharacter Costumes Baby’s Lil’ Lobster Costume, Red/Orange, Small (6-12 Months)Click to Make It YoursLobster Bunting Infant Costume, 0-6 Months, OrangeClick to Make It YoursRubie’s Costume Co Baby Boy’s Red Hot Chili Pepper Bunting Infant Costume, Red, 0-9 MonthsClick to Make It YoursCute Infant Baby Chili Pepper Halloween Costume (6-12 Months)Click to Make It YoursBaby Heinz Ketchup Package Bunting (3-9 months)Click to Make It YoursRubie’s Costume Trick Or Treat Sweeties Baby Hot Dog Costume, Multi, NewbornClick to Make It YoursBaby Taco CostumeClick to Make It YoursUnisex Baby Teeny Sashimi Costume Infant (Up to 9 Mos)Click to Make It YoursRubie’s Costume Trick Or Treat Sweeties Dunk Your Doughnut Costume, Pink, ToddlerClick to Make It YoursRubie’s Costume Trick Or Treat Sweeties Creamy Cookie Costume, Brown, InfantClick to Make It YoursRasta Imposta Tootsie Roll, Brown, 18-24 MonthsClick to Make It YoursSweetheart Cupcake Costume – Food Costumes (6-12 months)Click to Make It YoursRasta Imposta Bacon Bunting, Brown, 3-9 MonthsClick to Make It YoursRubie’s Costume Trick Or Treat Sweeties Going’ To The Movies Popcorn Costume, White, InfantClick to Make It Yours


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