Baby Halloween Costumes – Sea Creatures

There is one type of animal costume we haven’t shared yet and they are oh so swimmingly charming as baby Halloween costumes. That’s right we’re talking about the fishes, crustaceans, demons of the deep.

When you consider animal costumes those creatures living under the sea can be delightful. Finding Nemo made clownfish and flounder costumes a hot item, but there are also really cute lobster, crab, octopus, whale, and shark outfits, too! Look close as there may be a mermaid lurking around as well.

Presenting the Sea Creature Baby Costumes

Giggly Goldfish Costume, Orange, MediumClick to Make It YoursBig Mouth Clown Fish Belly-Babies, Orange/White, LargeClick to Make It YoursTotally Ghoul Blue Fish Vest Baby / Toddler Halloween CostumeClick to Make It YoursUnderwraps Baby’s Big Mouth Fish Belly-Babies, Blue/Green/OrangeClick to Make It YoursRubie’s Costume Deluxe Baby Bunting, Mermaid CostumeClick to Make It YoursBaby Clown Fish Halloween Costume (Size: 3-6M)Click to Make It YoursClownfish (Clown Fish) Baby Bunting Infant Costume Size 0-6moClick to Make It YoursLil Guppy Costume – NewbornClick to Make It YoursToddler Beta Fish Costume 2TClick to Make It YoursBaby Flounder Halloween Costume (Size: 6 Months)Click to Make It YoursDeluxe Shark Romper Costume, Gray, 12-24 MonthsClick to Make It YoursRasta Imposta Hammerhead Shark, Grey, 3-4TClick to Make It YoursInCharacter Baby’s Tiny Turtle Costume, Green, SmallClick to Make It YoursChild’s Infant Baby Turtle Halloween Costume (12-18 Months)Click to Make It YoursSilly Shark Costume, Grey/White, Small (6-12 Months)Click to Make It YoursShark Baby CostumeClick to Make It YoursBaby Killer Whale Costume Size Newborn to 6 MonthsClick to Make It YoursChild’s Infant Baby Shamu Whale Costume (6-12 Months)Click to Make It Yours

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