Delightfully Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Have you always wanted to create a spooktacular decorated yard for Halloween – one of those yards that people talk about for years to come?

The options are only limited by your imagination. Create a creepy graveyard complete with skeletons, ghosts, and creatures of unknown dimensions. Line up row after row of gravestones with gruesome body parts scattered about. Start this year and grow your collection of delightfully creepy outdoor Halloween decorations year after year.

Graveyard of Frights

The easiest way to get started creating your eerie masterpiece is with the graveyard. Transform your landscape with rows of mock graves complete with headstones, monuments, and skeleton parts scattered about. Add a few in your trees or to your decorated walkway so they rattle as the trick-or-treaters dare to walk through. Top off the scene with a spell casting witch stirring her cauldron as billowing fog fills the air.

Skeleton 5ftSkeleton 5ft7-Foot Hanging Skeleton Decoration7-Foot Hanging Skeleton Decoration4848″ Hanging-Dracula-SkeletonSkeleton Ghost Purple Hanging Halloween FigurineSkeleton Ghost Purple Hanging Halloween FigurineHanging Skeleton Couple by Sunstar IndustriesHanging Skeleton Couple by Sunstar Industries2121″ Poseable Bride & Groom Costume Hanging Skeleton FiguresStar Wars Stormtrooper Hanging SkeletonStar Wars Stormtrooper Hanging SkeletonBeautylife88 Hanging Skeleton In Prison Halloween House Yard Scary Decor #2Beautylife88 Hanging Skeleton In Prison Halloween House Yard Scary Decor #2
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